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October 23, 2008


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Paul Bresson

Macca, your the man. No question the best in the world. You cant beat bad luck but you can smash those guys. Cant wait to see the wrath of Macca in 2009. I feel sorry for those guys.

You are an inspiration to our entire training group here in Atlanta Georgia. You the MAN.

Troy Gleason

MACCA just focus on 2009 and do what you do. Your a stud!!

Kill them in Kona next year. I cant wait to see it.


Crowie is good. Eneko is solid. Rutger is a fighter. Your a champion!!!

Champions come back from disappointment bigger and better. You have shown this in your years of fighting for this race, and inspired an army of supporters.

I wish you all the best for 2009.

I am one of those supporters and thankyou for your inspiration and charisma over the past years.

Nicolas De Ros

Hey Macca, don´t worry, let them get more confident because next year you are going to fly over Hawaii. You are the best, a reference for amateur triathletes like me. Take care and don´t change. Nico

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