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October 23, 2008


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Thanks for the post! I have been running for as long as I can remember. I have been doing tris for ten years. I am not fast, I have only placed in my age group once. I may not ever qualify for Kona. But I will be an example for my girls and I appreciate you recognizing how much it means to her and that you, Ironman World Champion, took time to race with her. In my book, that's what it's all about. Thanks for being such a great guy - and a great World Champion!

Brad Jenkins

Great athlete!
Impressive performer!
Probably the best multisport athlete of your generation!

It is great to read a post like this and to know that you have your priorities in the right place aswell.

You are a STAR!

Keep doing what you do Champ and win your title back in 2009. I am sure Tahlia would enjoy seeing that.

Craig Jeffery

You are a Class act.

Enough said


Dear Chris:
You are a true champion, and reading your post about your little angel racing is just wonderful.
You surely are a proud father and your daughter is a gorgeous little girl.
Congratulations to you man, for being a truly champion, a great embassador for the sport, and a great inspiration!!!
Thank you for sharing those awesome pics and story about your little girl´s race! Watch out females Pros! ;-)
I am sure next year you´ll come back stronger!
We´ll be cheering for you man!

Santiago and Yaddi


What a tribute you are to Fathers as well as Triathletes. Thanks for your dedication to the sport and showing the world it does not replace your family. It was nice getting beat by you at the Pumpkinman last weekend... I guess you are The Champ for a good reason! I have 3 little ones and just started Tris last year and am excited as my oldest develops an interest in health and racing. She has planned a race for all the cousins for next year at a community pool... she is 6. If you are in Vegas you can bring Tahlia and race with us, although we might not pose the same level of competition as Kaiden Lieto.


I saw Chris Lieto's youtube of the kid's race. The cutest video ever! It's a pleasure to be a supporter of yours. I saw you with your family at Lava Java a few days after the race and would have loved a photo with you but didn't want to disturb your family time. Looking forward to your 2009 season! I was in Kona rooting you on this year..I will be there next year to cheer even louder! Thanks for sharing the experience through your eyes with us!

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