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November 11, 2008


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What a life you lead Macca. My girlfriend and I are going to Las Vegas in early December. We have not yet booked our trip but will stay at the Wynn. It sounds cool.

Enjoy your off season and kill 2009. You are a STUD!!!!!


I still have my finishers shirt on and I do feel like the "Worlds Toughest Athlete" LOL

It was a ture pleasure to meet you and I must say you are incredibly normal and generous with your time. Thanks for sharing your blog with us.

Your girls are beautiful.


Robert Picardo

I have raced the Silverman twice, and volunteered the past two years. What Chris says about the race is true, no doubt, but there is a bit more. Chris, as we all know, has the reputation of being cocky, etc. The past two years I have talked with him about various things triathlon (see you at the Worlds in Aus!) and found him to be smart, open, and relaxed. A very nice guy and seemingly happy to be where he is. I was a fan of his, sure, but when I see him race or see him on television I will think of him as a man that has worked hard and deserves the time to travel with family, race around the world, and make a living at it.
Cheers mate!



I've scoured the internet for any and every interview, race video, you have had. At one point you said that you wanted to be a role model for the young athletes, the way that Mark Allen and Greg Welch were for you. You have done that. You are my hero and role model. I dream to be a pro triathlete and a world champ, and I'm gonna go out and do it. I want to race where you have raced, and win where you have won. You are an inspiration, I hope one day I can meet you and tell you "thank you" in person. Good luck in 2009.

Samuel Smith

I must have been hours/minutes away from bumping into you at B&L Solana yesterday


Am in SD training / hanging for a week ... Would have been an honour to meet you! Rip it up man - See you at the races.

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