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November 25, 2008


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Diego Santamaria

Hello Macca!

This is Diego from Spanish. I´m a triathlete from Spain. I have your blog between my favourites and I gotta say that it´s so amazing to know about the life of one of the best Ironman triathletes. It´s cool to know how the life a pro triathlete is. Where are you training, the places you are visiting.

Next year you will do a great Hawaii course (I hope it could be a exciting race against Eneko Llanos :D) I have to show that i´m spanish!! And then the best will win.

I´m still an olympic or half ironman distance man, but maybe soon (in a couple of years) I will see you around in an Ironman. Of course, only in the start line, then I will say:

Bye bye Macca, wait me in the end line!


Yup, it's gorgeous there. So much so that every time I'm there I find myself looking for jobs. Dangerous - especially now that I'm in love with my bike and want to conquer any hill that I find. Glad you got to celebrate Thanksgiving. You can have my share of pumpkin pie, I'm all over the apple.


I can see that mountain from my house!

I really can. And now I really need to hop on my bike and try the view the other way around.

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