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December 07, 2008


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Welcome back to Vegas. I looks like the next big fight is going to be Pacquiao vs Hatton or Mayweather may get lured out of retirement. Hopefully, you can make it back for the next fight. Pacguiao has a great story and he has really become the hero for a poor Philippine nation.

Todd Collins


I've been following your blog for a while now and I just wanted to drop you a line to say good luck in the up coming season. It was unfortunate to see what happened to you in Kona this past October. Thank for the inspiration and self drive that you provide for us "civilians" who love the sport of triathlon. I enjoy watching you smile in the face of your opponents and the course ahead while you intently slay them in competition. Your competitive drive is blatantly evident and I love seeing that as a former collegiate basketball player. You seem to approach every race like it's a physically fought basketball or football game and I love watching that "tiger" mentality. Keep up the good work and inspiration. You've helped me to fall in love with the sport and in the last few years I've become addicted to the training, racing, and lifestyle in general. So for that, I thank you. As stated before, good luck this season and the "fans" will be watching.

Many blessings,
Todd Collins

P.S. Since I would imagine you're a tech savvy type of dude and probably have a blackberry or iPhone, you should get on twitter (twitter.com) so we could follow your progress. Lance Armstrong, George Hincapie, Johan Bruyneel, Taylor Phinney, Axel Merxx, and many others are all on it. No pro triathletes are on it that I know of yet.

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