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January 22, 2009


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Enjoy mate !!


Ja, interesting you withdrew from the 70.3 IM South Africa and you make no comments on this site accept that "training has gone well". I was at the IM in SA you were all over the racing guide - and headline news of you withdrawing because of illness etc. Dont you think it is a bit unfair to the public in SA and now you dont even mention any sickness now? Just asking....

Mark Miller

I love your blog!
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Any comment welcome,


Mark Miller


Hi Hannes,
I thought I would reply to your question here on my blog. I was not sick for South Africa 70.3. I had my wisdom teeth removed on the day before I was supposed to fly out. I was advised by my dentist and doctor to not fly out to south africa as if I had any complications it could be a serious problem in a foreign country. If you have ever had your Wisdom teeth removed it is not a pretty thing. I was bummed to not go to South Africa but to be honest with you mate, I was not taking any chances like that on my season in January. My coaching staff advised me to take it easy and in the end it was a smooth transition. The race director in South Africa was adviced well in advance of my decision. Thanks for the message anyway and maybe next year I will start in SA. I hope your race went well. Cheers. MACCA


Thanks Macca. Makes sense and I now understand.

Regards and good luck with the training!!

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