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February 07, 2009


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Looking forward to it, Macca!

Fredrik Eriksson

Love reading this stuff. Your frankness and openness about training and strategy is refreshing in an age when everyone is looking for for a secret angle (whether it be triathlon or any other endeavor). You lay it all out there and is basically telling the competition that this is your plan, "beat me if you can."

Best of luck in 2009! Here's a third-year age-grouper rooting for you.

Eric Lea

It is not often that I get an adrenaline rush while reading... but this post did it for me. I love the precision and details that go into your plan, and the singularity of your focus and purpose is inspiring.
09 is yours! Make it happen!!

Another 3rd year age grouper in your corner!


Increible for me your calendar!
I think your 70.3 is a Sprint distance for me !!
Good luck !

Gabriel Lara


Was a pleasure meeting you here @ the Disney Studios when you popped by to speak, and then chatting with you in Malibu later that weekend after the race.
It'll be even better to see you "make it happen" come October.

Keep up the good work, and crack a Tooheys for me while you're home.



No Wildflower this yeah huh? Bummer, I was looking forward to seeing you race that course again. Best of luck in '09

Kile Eggers

macca you are such a beast.

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