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March 20, 2009


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Jule Wang

Macca it is wonderful to host you in Singapore. I met you yesterday after your talking to the group of young triathletes. I am in awe of you and think that you are such a nice man.

I cannot believe that you are the best athlete in the world. You are so nice and helpful with your time and to talking with us for so long. I love your smile.

We hope you win in Singapore and please race more times here. You have many fans and everyone loves you in Singapore. You are a legend.

Good Race

Dave Mulry

You need to tell people about your Twitter blog. Is that you or a fake one?!


Hey Macca,

I'm so glad you and Crowie are here in Singapore and we get to watch you guys live. I've been watching you guys race in Kona (you vs Stadler in 2006 was great stuff, you crossing the line in 2007 was inspirational!) on youtube for the past couple of years, so to finally have you guys here is pretty cool. Have a great race - I'm rooting for you!

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