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March 16, 2009


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team MÖMA-Tri

Hi Macca

we wish you a solid race in singapore. we ar looking forward to st pölten, where we are racing together. it is nice to see you in our home country, perhaps we can take a photo for our blog.
it would be nice, if you could write a few words to our guestbook.
your fans and age-grouper from austria
michi, mario, peter and alex (team möma-tri)

Jose Manuel Domenech

Dear Macca,
As far as you are able to imagine I am writing you, but as near as I'm able to feel,...I feel you near,... your words are sincere and I'm proud of being your supporter.Thank you very much for making me smile.

I write you from Spain, I'm 33 years old, 7 times IM finisher (betweeen 11 and 13 hours) and I'm dad since 1 year and 3 months ago.
I have to work everyday from 9 to 19:00 and
I also have to be dad, and husband, and I want to still being triathlete,...
but I'm affraid that this is my "see you later" season, because I'll be father again next september and our days only have 24 hours.

Anyway, as far as you'll still being as you are, clear, pure and triathlete, I'll still believing in this, in sport, in everything I wanted and I still wanting to be.

I'll come back, maybe in a few years...
thank you very much...you are the best inside and outside the wetsuit :).

Best luck in those 2009 targets, we'll be pushing you from here!
Please,...never give up!

Best regards!

Leonardo Avelar

Hello Macca!

Good luck from Brazil.

Have a great and solid performance in Singapore 70.3.

Keep chasing your dreams.



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